Puma Maritime Services is a survey and claim-handling company that has been offering marine and non-marine expertise to the global insurance market and to the marine and transport industries for over 85 years.

Originally established in 1929 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico as a steamship agency, we successfully expanded to marine and cargo surveyors and in 1933 we were appointed as a Lloyd’s Agency to provide survey services to the global insurance industry and its customers.

We are based in the Port of Tampico Mexico and currently have operations as marine and cargo surveyors at the Mexican ports of Tampico, Altamira and Veracruz and are available to travel throughout Mexican territory where our services are required.

Puma Maritime Services serves the interests of many of the world’s leading insurance companies, particularly those specializing in marine business, vessels owners, cargo owners, shipping lines, inland carriers, terminals, manufacturers, traders, brokers, importers and exporters.

Services provided include Insurance Loss / Damage Surveys, Pre-Shipment Condition Surveys, Supervision / Overseeing Surveys, Outturn Surveys, Loss Control Surveys, Quantity Surveys, Heavy Lift, Oversized and Project Cargoes, Containers, Hull and Machinery.